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Family Recovery Programs Treat Family Trauma Stemming from Addictions

Alcoholism and drug addiction traumatize and stress the entire family, and without intervention through a family recovery program, trauma can affect an individual for a lifetime.

Living in an intensely emotional environment of fear and manipulation, family members of an addict must deal with high levels of stress and anxiety. It is not unusual for family members to feel like they are losing their sense of normalcy and self as their loved one’s addiction makes the family dynamics increasingly dysfunctional.

In an effort to cope with this uncontrollable situation, family members may resort to hiding the truth from themselves and others, avoiding genuine connection to minimize painful conversations, and feeling intense levels of guilt and shame. These coping mechanisms can keep family members from seeking help.

But just as the whole family suffers when one member is an addict, whole family is part of the recovery process. Without a family recovery program, family members may suffer effects that last a lifetime.

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Family Recovery Programs Treat Family Trauma Stemming from Addictions

Some of the documented consequences of untreated addiction trauma in family members (especially in children, extending through their lifetime) include:

  • Learned helplessness—When a person can’t change the negative circumstances in his or her life, they eventually give up, and this helplessness affects other areas of their life.
  • Depression—Painful negative emotions that are unexpressed or unresolved can turn inward on the self, causing depression.
  • Anxiety—A general sense of anxiety may lead the sufferer to project that anxiety onto a phobia, insomnia, hyper-vigilance, etc.
  • Emotional constriction—People can become numb and their emotions shut down in the face of panic.
  • Distorted reasoning—Children who have had to make sense of frightening or chaotic experiences without proper adult care will develop a convoluted reasoning system as they grow older.
  • Loss of trust and faith—Breakdowns in primary, dependent relationships (such as between a child and an addicted parent) will cause the child to lose the ability to trust others.
  • Hyper vigilance—Highly stressful environments in the household of an addict leaves everyone else anxious and constantly alert to danger.
  • Traumatic bonding—Often, children of addicts lack support systems outside of their house, and they form unhealthy bonds with their addicted parents.
  • Loss of ability to accept help—Because trauma causes emotional numbness, children of addicts fear letting down their guard to accept help, for fear they will be let down again
  • Problems with self-regulation—Trauma in a child’s life deregulates their limbic system (the system in our body in charge of regulating our emotions), leading to drastic emotional high and low mood swings, thinking, and behavior.
  • Easily triggered; hyper-reactive—Stimuli that reminds a child of past trauma can easily trigger reactions; that stimuli can be as obvious as yelling or gun fire or as small as loud noises or even an eye expression.
  • High-risk behaviors—a pain-filled and numb inner world leads to attempts to feel again through risky behaviors (sexual behaviors, reckless driving, out of control spending, fighting, etc.)
  • Disorganized inner world—Family members, especially children, of addicts lose a sense of relatedness and suffer from emotional disconnectedness.
  • Survival guilt—Those who “get out” of a traumatizing family situation often feel guilt over the ones left behind to deal with the mess.
  • Development of rigid psychological defenses—In an attempt of self-protection, people may develop mental defenses such as dissociation, denial, repression, minimization, projection, etc.
  • Cycles of reenactment—Unfortunately, without the proper therapy, children of addicts may unconsciously repeat the same unhealthy dynamics of their past.
  • Relationship issues—Issues that family members of addicts may face in other relationships include: over or under engaging, inability to receive and give love and care, exploding or withdrawing, etc.
  • Desire to self-medicate—A pain-filled inner world may lead to the use of drugs, alcohol, or behavioral addictions to attempt find peace.

Beachway Therapy Center’s Proven Family Recovery Program

There is Hope for Lasting Family Recovery

Here at Beachway Therapy Center, we care for the healing of the entire family. Trying to treat an individual addict without addressing family recovery would only be treating one facet of the problem. The entire family suffers when one member is an addict, so the whole family must be a part of the recovery process.

Dealing effectively with addiction is a learned skill that families must master and practice daily if they are to experience true healing from the trauma of addiction. You might feel hopeless in the face of the terrible addiction of your loved one. But with the help and support of the caring therapists at Beachway Therapy Center, we want to assure you that family recovery is not only possible, but it can be a reality for you!

The best part about our family recovery program is that it is offered absolutely free to family members of our patients.

  • Learn about your role in the recovery process of your loved one
  • Realize how to best support your loved one through their treatment
  • Recognize the emotional consequences of addiction and the impact of addiction on the family
  • Distinguish the differences between helping and enabling
  • Promote healthy boundaries for positive family relationships
  • Perceive how important it is to be involved your own recovery program
  • Set long-term goals to promote long term recovery

Attend a Family Recovery Program

All the details you need to start your own family recovery

Beachway Therapy Center’s Family Recovery Program is 100% free to family members of our patients. The program is completely optional, but highly encouraged! We hold one program per month, on a Friday and Saturday.

Get started right now on your family recovery journey by completing our Family Questionnaire. Note: Please type in description Field “Family Program and Client’s Name.”

Please register seven days before the event date. (See dates below).

  • You will attend the family recovery program at Beachway Therapy Center’s beautiful campus in Delray Beach, Florida.
  • Beachway Therapy Center: 2600 Quantum Blvd Boynton Beach, FL 33426
  • Towne Place Suites Boynton Beach,
    24509 Quantum Boulevard, Boynton Beach Florida 33426
  • Marriott Towne Place Suites complimentary breakfast. Beachway provides lunch for all attendees on Friday and Saturday. You are on your own for dinners.
  • Transportation will be provided by Beachway Therapy Center from the Hyatt to the facility on both Friday and Saturday.

Program Dates

  • Feb. 16th and 17th
  • Mar. 16th and 17th
  • Apr.  20th and 21st
  • May.  18th and 19th
  • Jun.  15 and 16th
  • Jul.  20 and 21st
  • Aug. 17th and 18th
  • Sep.  21 and 22nd
  • Oct. 19 and 20th
  • Nov.  16th and 17th
  • Dec.  21st and 22nd


Day Time Description
DAY 1 9am – 12pm Family group for family members facilitated by therapists, educational group; provides forum for families to discuss their stories, impact of client’s behaviors on themselves, provide educational feedback and support.
DAY 1 12pm – 1pm Lunch provided
DAY 1 1pm – 5pm Family group with client participation, families will interact with clients practicing boundaries and non-enabling behaviors.
DAY 2 9am – 9:30am Refreshments & Danishes
DAY 2 9:30am – 11am Alumni Speaker, Q/A
DAY 2 11am – 12pm Facility Tour

Please complete the Family Questionnaire prior to arrival.

Note: Please type in description Field “Family Program and Client’s Name”

Complete Family Questionnaire

How To Attend

  1. Complete our Family Questionnaire. Note: Please type in description Field “Family Program and Client’s Name.”
  2. Call us at 877-284-0353 if you have any questions.
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Call 877-284-0353 or complete the form below

Take Step #1 – Begin Your Recovery

Call 877-284-0353 or complete the form below

Call 877-284-0353 or complete the form below

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