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woman at best holistic recovery center in floridaDrug and alcohol addictions aren’t simple diseases, so an effective treatment program must be multi-faceted in order to address all the interconnected issues that cause and drive addiction in the first place. At Beachway, we believe that a holistic and all-encompassing approach to treatment is one of the most effective ways to guarantee life-long recovery, health, and happiness. Every patient has unique struggles to face and goals to achieve, and a holistic rehab center can address individual circumstances and help anyone and everyone overcome their obstacles.

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What Does Holistic Treatment Mean?

Holistic addiction treatment for drug and alcohol recovery means focusing on the disease itself and not just the symptoms. Addiction can be a sign of mental health problems, unaddressed traumas from childhood, stress, and other underlying issues. And unless you treat the problems causing the addiction as well as the addiction itself, you aren’t promoting true recovery. Beachway is a holistic recovery center, meaning we provide you with the tools to achieve lasting physical and emotional sobriety, and we do this through programs like:

  • Faith-based treatment
  • Art, music, and equine therapy
  • Customized treatment plans
  • Personalized individual therapy designed to meet your needs
  • Supportive group and family therapy sessions

The first stage of holistic treatment is an inpatient program that focuses on improving your self-esteem, helping you address and overcome grief, identifying the root causes of your addiction, locating triggers, managing impulse control, and teaching you how to prevent future relapses.

In the second and third stages, we provide healthy, safe, and sober living environments in which you can focus on in-depth relapse prevention. During these stages we also provide life-skills training that provide you with the tools and knowledge to grow and develop in your personal and professional life.

Addressing the Physical Addiction and Mental Health

As part of our holistic approach to drug and alcohol rehab, Beachway offers a range of treatment options that are designed to help you and your family heal physically, mentally, and spiritually. To address the physical addiction, we focus on providing a clean and positive living environment where we offer yoga and meditation classes, recreational therapy, chiropractic services, 12-step programs, and recovery groups in addition to the individual and group therapy sessions that you’ll attend each week.

In order to provide top-tier service, we only accept up to 40 patients at a time, meaning that our staff, counselors, and therapists can focus their full attention on you and your personalized treatment. We also have an on-site spa that offers complimentary (or limited fee) services such as:

  • Massages
  • Relaxation services
  • Manicures and pedicures
  • Hair styling
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Mental health issues are often found at the heart of drug and alcohol addiction, and for this reason we place great emphasis on proper diagnosis. In the case of a co-occurring disease, such as depression, anxiety, and bipolar disorder, it’s important to get the right dual diagnosis so that a recovery program can be tailored to treat the addiction and any underlying mental health problems. At Beachway, we have the services and expertise to treat both at the same time, which is the only way to ensure full recovery.

Turn Your Life Around

Holistic alcohol rehab and drug addiction treatment involves addressing the spiritual and mental struggles at the core of your problems, and providing you with the education and tools required to maintain life-long sobriety and emotional health. One aspect of this is our faith-based approach to treatment, which focuses on forgiveness, fresh starts, and providing a loving and supportive environment in which to heal.

We recognize that addiction is a sign of a larger problem, and instead of blaming or judging people for their addictions, we provide them with the support and resources needed to overcome their struggles. Our Christian rehab treatment also places great emphasis on rebuilding strong spiritual foundations that are based on universal principles, meaning they don’t just apply to a single faith, so people from all walks of life who adhere to various belief systems can find help with our spiritual treatment programs.

To address the mental and emotional issues at the heart of addiction, we provide various types of therapies, counseling, and supportive group settings where you can explore your grief and address the triggers and causes behind your addiction. We believe that our holistic approach to drug and alcohol addiction, multi-faceted therapies, and education outreach programs can provide you with the setting you need to face your troubles, overcome your addiction, take back control of your life, and achieve full recovery by reclaiming your emotional, spiritual, and physical health.

For more information about our inpatient and outpatient services, our spa, detox programs, and family and individual therapy, call us today at 877-284-0353 to speak with a representative or recovery specialist and find out how our holistic drug rehab and alcohol treatment programs can help you or a loved one struggling with addiction.


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