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Quality treatment facilities offer so much to clients regarding the quality of care, personnel, on-site therapists and medical staff, individual attention and customized therapy programs, and the facility.

If there are questions about what is covered under the patient’s insurance policy, our team can help by taking a closer look at the insurance plan that will be used. However, many patients come to us with no insurance or an insurance plan that doesn’t cover all treatment costs.

How to Pay For Rehab

Many people come to us concerned about the cost of rehab. This process can be a lot to digest. Our job is to walk through each step of the payment process so the patient can focus on recovery. Paying for rehab usually falls under two categories: either self-paid or insurance-paid.

Our patients struggling with substance abuse often ask for more information about financial assistance for various reasons. Some need support because of the impact substance abuse has had on their jobs, income, and financial stability. Regardless of the reason, financing may help make treatment more affordable. Even those with health insurance sometimes still need help because some insurance plans have high deductibles, not enough coverage, or no coverage at all for rehab.

Insurance paid therapy generally covers most, if not all, of the patient’s stay at Beachway, which includes everything during the patient’s stay, including all amenities, group and individual therapy, meals, and more.

Self-paid therapy includes all the above, but the difference is that the patient (and/or the patient’s loved ones) pays for the rehab directly.

Each patient comes to us with their own unique financial circumstances. We review each situation on a case-by-case basis, and where possible, we find ways to help patients find solutions. Our goals for our patients are the same as that of the patient and their loved ones. A happy, healthy life of sobriety is our hope, and we are here to work through any financial circumstances to make that possible.


Family Therapy Can Be Part of
the Treatment

Beachway also offers several family therapy options, and here at Beachway, family therapy is a critical part of the healing process. In some cases, the family is a patient’s greatest support system. Still, they’re also in need of time, resources, and extra help to heal and recover from the pain they’ve suffered by association with substance abuse addiction.

Family therapy can help family members come to terms with their loved one’s addiction, learn about the relationship dynamics that caused it, manage symptoms of anxiety and depression that stemmed from having a family member with substance abuse problems, learn how to offer support, and come to understand their role in the recovery process.

The accounting team at Beachway will work through every area of the insurance used to ensure each patient can receive the highest quality of care based on their individual insurance plan. Our job is to help guide the patient and their loved ones through every step of the recovery process, including detailed education about financial responsibilities.

Top-down view of Florida rehab facility featuring pool and sports court.

Getting Financial Help for Addiction Treatment

Substance abuse treatment can cost more than many people can pay at the moment. With alcohol and drug rehab financing, patients can get sober, get well, and put their lives back on track without worrying about having the money to complete treatment.

If you or someone you love is struggling with addiction and are worried about how to afford the necessary treatment, call Beachway today at 877-284-0353. We can help determine the financing options and discuss the therapy options. When it’s time to overcome an addiction, Beachway is here to help every step of the way.