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Anthem Blue Cross Insurance Rehab Coverage

If you are concerned about alcohol or drug abuse in you or a loved one, it may be time to consider rehab. For many Americans with substance dependence, rehab is a luxury that they cannot afford. Many people who could most benefit from entering a treatment facility do not because of the costs involved. In many instances, people with addiction issues are already experiencing financial strain either due to job loss or other negative effects of using drugs or alcohol. Adding the thought of paying to enter a treatment facility puts additional stress on these individuals and may cause the treatment to be ineffective and result in relapse.

For Americans covered by health insurance, rehab coverage is often included in most plans and benefits packages. By covering the full amount or a portion of treatment, those who need rehab the most can get the help they need without worrying about paying a large bill at the end. Continue reading to learn more about Anthem Blue Cross alcohol rehab coverage and drug rehab coverage.

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More About Anthem Blue
Cross Insurance & Rehab

With improved research on addiction and how it changes brain function, medical professionals now know that substance abuse and addiction affect the brain similarly to any other mental illness. Many years ago, those who suffered from addiction were thought to be regular people who made poor choices. Now, we know it’s a chronic disease that requires treatment, just like diabetes or heart disease.

When the Affordable Care Act of 2008 was passed in the United States, it required that all insurance companies provide coverage for drug and alcohol rehab. Anthem Blue Cross drug rehab coverage fully complies with this law and provides comprehensive inpatient and outpatient rehab services coverage. Depending on the specific benefits package, clients may be eligible to have a portion of rehab paid for or the full amount covered by insurance.


Verifying BlueCross
Rehab Coverage Details

The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) estimates that 23.5 million Americans suffer from addiction to drugs or alcohol. If this seems like a staggering number, it’s because it is. Of that figure, it’s estimated that only 11 percent of individuals who need treatment actually receive the help they need.

Although addiction is a unique and personalized disease, many don’t seek treatment because of the cost. Inpatient treatment centers and access to outpatient resources such as therapy and other group sessions are expensive, and for many who suffer, it’s impossible to take on the financial burden.

In addition to affecting 1 in 12 Americans, addiction also harms the economy. The National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) estimates that addiction costs the United States approximately $700 billion in crime, health costs, and reduced work productivity each year. Addiction affects us all, and offering comprehensive rehab coverage, means more people can access the help they need.
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The History of Anthem
Blue Cross Health Insurance

Anthem Blue Cross is a subsidiary of Anthem Inc., which began in 1944 in Indianapolis as a mutual insurance company. Over the next 30 years, Anthem Inc. would grow to be the largest insurance provider in Indiana, controlling over 80 percent of medical insurance in the state. Fast-forward to several years ago, where Anthem Inc. merged with WellPoint to eventually create Anthem Blue Cross. Today, Anthem Blue Cross serves over 800,000 members in 14 states across the U.S.


The Benefits of
Anthem Blue Cross

Anthem Blue Cross members have some of the most comprehensive coverage in the country. Serving 14 states with quality customer service and transparency, Anthem Blue Cross is proud to create unique and personalized benefit plans for members. With an easy-to-navigate website, members in the following states can enjoy the advantages of choosing Anthem Blue Cross as their insurance provider.

    • California
    • Georgia
    • Maine
    • New Hampshire
    • Virginia
    • Colorado
    • Indiana
    • Missouri
    • New York
    • Wisconsin
    • Connecticut
    • Kentucky
    • Nevada
    • Ohio
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Get the Treatment you
Need with the Help of Insurance

There is a way out from addiction to drugs and alcohol. If you notice risky behavior from substance abuse in you or a loved one, don’t hesitate. Get the help you need and enter a treatment center. By using insurance to cover a portion of the full amount of treatment, you can recover in peace without having to worry about taking on the financial burden and strain of paying for rehab.

For more information on your coverage, call 877-284-0353 today and speak with a professional about how you or a loved one can enter rehab with the help of insurance.