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APS Healthcare Rehab Coverage

No one ever plans to become addicted to drugs or alcohol, and most people who become addicted would have sworn it could never happen to them. Whether you believe it ahead of time or not, if it does happen to you and your insurance provider doesn’t offer coverage for substance abuse treatment, the road to recovery could be a rocky one. In many cases, the addicted individual won’t seek treatment if there is no way to pay for it.

The need for quality drug and alcohol treatment insurance coverage is always there, and APS Healthcare is one of the companies that understand the need and offers a solution.

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More About APS Healthcare
Insurance & Rehab Coverage

APS Healthcare started as a behavioral health company over 20 years ago but eventually transformed into a total health management system. APS can use a wide range of tools and technologies to connect people with the care they need, bringing about positive behavior modification.

APS Healthcare covers all areas of behavioral management, including substance abuse treatment. APS Healthcare drug rehab coverage is also one of the few to offer preventative services and follow-up coverage to ensure each person is cared for throughout the entire process.


Verifying APS Healthcare
Rehab Coverage Details

To determine if you have the coverage you need for treatment, you must delve into the details of your plan and determine which elements are relevant to your specific case. Quite often, the length of treatment, type of addiction, co-payments, and deductibles can alter the scope of coverage. It’s important to know exactly what you’re eligible for so there are no surprises later on in the process.

Beachway is a world-class rehab facility that has helped hundreds of people gain control of their lives, and we know all about the insurance process. If you currently have coverage through APS Healthcare and want to know precisely what aspects of APS healthcare alcohol rehab coverage have you covered and which ones don’t, we can help you sort it out. Verifying the approval of your coverage comes with the territory, and the sooner you can get into treatment, the better it will be for everyone in your life.