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HealthLink Insurance Rehab Coverage

There’s no denying the growing need for substance abuse treatment and mental health treatment today. In most cases, health insurance providers will offer some type of treatment coverage, because most people aren’t able to pay for any type of extensive treatment out of pocket.

Drug and alcohol rehab acts as a lifeline for many people, bringing them back from the depths of despair and giving them their lives back. When highly trained professionals are able to get to work in a favorable setting, the outcome is usually positive, and the patient struggling with addiction or mental health issues may find they have a new lease on life. HealthLink understands the need for effective rehab coverage, and they have made provisions for treatment in their health insurance plans.

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More About HealthLink
Insurance & Rehab Coverage

HealthLink is one of the larger health care companies in the central U.S., with a vast network of physicians, hospitals, and treatment facilities. The HealthLink network includes over 25,000 doctors and various health care professionals in 300 hospitals across seven states.

When it comes to substance abuse coverage, HealthLink drug rehab coverage provides a handful of possibilities. There are three tiers as part of their health plans, and each plan has different coverage for substance abuse treatment. For Tier I inpatient coverage, you’re covered for 100% of treatment after a $275 co-payment. For outpatient care, the amount is 100% after a $20 co-payment. Tier II coverage is 90% for inpatient after $325 co-payment and 90% of network charges for outpatient treatment. With Tier III, out-of-network coverage is 80% after a $425 co-payment.


Verifying HealthLink Rehab
Coverage Details

It would be horribly inconvenient and heartbreaking to find that your HealthLink alcohol rehab coverage and substance abuse coverage wasn’t what you thought it would be. This would be especially troubling if you didn’t find out until after your treatment was complete. When it’s time for recovery, having to focus on anything else can derail your progress and seriously affect your success.

At Beachway, we have a proven reputation for exceptional substance abuse treatment, and we know just how many conditions can be placed on the drug and alcohol rehab section of your coverage. Length of treatment, deductibles, type of treatment, co-payments, using network physicians, and other factors can all make a big difference. We can help you sort through the conditions and verify your approval so that recovery can become a reality for you.