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Premera BCBS Rehab Coverage

If the thought of taking on the financial burden of drug or alcohol rehab is preventing you from seeking addiction treatment, you are not alone. The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) estimates that roughly 23.5 million Americans suffer from addiction to drugs or alcohol. Of that staggering figure, only 11 percent receive professional treatment. For many, the reason for not seeking treatment is the cost. Rehab in the U.S. can be expensive, and many people who have had addiction negatively impact their lives cannot afford the treatment and therefore go without it.

As more research is done on how addiction affects the function of the brain, medical professionals are more adamant about treating addiction as a chronic illness rather than a moral failing, as was previously thought. Because of this, insurance companies now provide coverage for drug and alcohol rehab treatment to help those in need of addiction treatment.

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More About Premera BCBS
Insurance & Rehab Coverage

In 2008, the Affordable Care Act passed in the U.S., making it a requirement for insurance companies to provide drug and alcohol addiction treatment coverage. Depending on the specific plan a person is enrolled in, anywhere from a portion of the cost to the full amount of drug or alcohol rehab is covered by Premera BCBS rehab coverage. By simply logging on to the easy-to-use website or calling the insurance company, clients across the U.S. can get the help they need with this comprehensive coverage.


Verifying Premera BCBS Rehab
Coverage Details

Recovering from drug or alcohol addiction is hard work. The first step is a detox period that involves ridding the body of its physical dependency on substances. Many individuals who attempt to recover on their own never make it past this stage since pain, discomfort, anxiety, depression, and more often accompany it. Recovering at a professional facility is the most effective way to beat addiction and reduce the chances of relapse. Medically assisted detox is followed by therapy sessions designed to identify triggers and repair the mind, body, and soul of clients.

During treatment, clients should focus on their recovery. Entering a facility while worrying about taking on the financial burden of rehab is counterproductive. The additional stress and anxiety that comes with thinking about payments and money issues is detrimental to recovery and may actually contribute to a relapse. By covering rehab in partial or full with Premera BCBS rehab coverage insurance, clients can focus on getting better without the stress of paying for rehab once treatment is complete.

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The History of Premera BCBS

Starting in 1933, Premera Blue Cross Blue Shield is a non-profit, independent Blue Cross Blue Shield Association licensee. As the largest health plan provider in the Pacific-Northwest, Premera BCBS works with over 2 million individuals in Alaska and Washington. From providing comprehensive benefits packages to Fortune 500 companies to providing personalized and unique benefits for individual families, Premera BCBS covers it all. With a strong belief in providing the best customer service possible, employees at Premera BCBS work with clients to develop coverage that is beneficial and cost-effective.
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The Benefits of Premera Blue
Cross Insurance

Entering rehab is the biggest decision of many people’s lives. However, such a positive action should not be accompanied by stress or confusion. Premera BCBS alcohol rehab coverage works to simplify insurance with clients with an easy-to-navigate website and employees who understand the urgency and importance of providing useful and correct information.

Many people entering an inpatient drug rehab must take time off from work or school to recover; while staying at the treatment center, life still goes on. They will still need to pay mortgages, childcare, or other everyday expenses. By providing comprehensive rehab coverage, Premera BCBS drug rehab coverage can help improve the quality of life and help ensure the health and wellness of its members. With plan options that include individual plans, group benefits, and Medicare Supplement Plans, there is guaranteed to be a coverage option that works for you.

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Don’t Let the Cost of Rehab
Prevent you from Seeking Treatment

If you or a loved one requires mental health or addiction treatment, don’t let the cost deter you. While rehab is probably the best investment someone can make for themselves, there is help available. Please take advantage of Premera BCBS rehab coverage when seeking treatment for substance abuse; whether it’s a portion or the full amount of the covered program, the reduced stress and positive results will be worth it.

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