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SummaCare Rehab Coverage

Most patients who are about to enter a drug and alcohol treatment facility are anxious, worried, frightened, and hopeful all at the same time. They are afraid of the unknown world that lies behind the walls but desperate to come out feeling like themselves again. One major aspect of receiving quality treatment has the resources to pay for it. It’s no secret that alcohol rehab or drug rehab is costly, and most people need all the financial help they can get.

SummaCare is a regional, provider-owned health plan that offers varying degrees of coverage for all types of substance abuse treatment.

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More About SummaCare
Insurance & Rehab Coverage

SummaCare is a provider-owned health insurance company with its headquarters in Akron, Ohio. It was founded in the early 1990s, and although the intention was for it to be a regional provider, it has since grown to meet the needs of employers and individuals across the country. SummaCare’s regional network includes over 7,000 doctors and 50 hospitals.

SummaCare alcohol rehab coverage provides benefits for substance abuse treatment, so if you have an issue with addiction and need help, your SummaCare policy should help. For non-biologically based mental health and substance abuse disorders, inpatient coverage sits at 70%, and outpatient is $40 copay per visit up to 50%. For non-biological substance abuse coverage, there is $550 available per calendar year for alcohol abuse treatment. All coverage is subject to conditions and deductibles.


Verifying SummaCare Rehab
Coverage Details

Despite the wide range of SummaCare drug rehab coverage substance abuse treatment benefits, there are still details that can alter how much is covered. Your treatment is the most important thing you have at this moment because without it; you won’t be able to function in your day-to-day life. You won’t be any good to yourself or anyone else. Beachway Therapy Center is the ideal place to work on your recovery, but worrying about money isn’t going to help. We will help you figure out how much coverage you have, and we will verify your approval, so you can take advantage of your SummaCare Insurance and feel like your old self again.