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Rational Emotive Behavioral Therapy (REBT)

The way we think impacts our emotions and behaviors. Our thinking has a significant effect on how we feel and how we act. Learning to approach problems rationally can help someone struggling with substance abuse or addiction re-think the behaviors that are driving a destructive lifestyle. Basically, REBT gives a person tools to push a reset button on their perspective. This is critical because we know how we perceive experiences—how we feel and think at the moment—is what can trigger emotional and behavioral issues, including addiction—Call 877-284-0353 to speak with an addiction counselor about starting REBT.

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What is REBT?

When Albert Ellis introduced REBT in 1955, it was a significant change in how therapy had been conducted over the years. He saw a gap in the common therapies. Psychoanalysis focused on the unconscious mind. Behaviorism centered on the client’s behavior vs. inner experience. Ellis believed our thoughts and how we think are vital for understanding and treating emotional and behavioral problems. Since its introduction, REBT therapy has become the leading psychological treatment approach. Today, we know that REBT is effective at treating addiction.

REBT treats drug and alcohol dependency by reversing negative, irrational thoughts and emotions that lead to addictive behaviors. REBT believes we can unlearn conditioned habits, including using drugs and alcohol.

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REBT Focuses on the Present

While the past does influence our present lives, REBT believes that yes—you can escape your past. It does not define you.

REBT Challenges Irrational Beliefs

REBT questions our irrational and dysfunctional beliefs and replaces those with functional, productive beliefs. This changes our thought patterns, helping us make more rational, healthy choices.

REBT Resets Unhealthy Thoughts

REBT helps people struggling with drug and alcohol addiction by teaching them to not react to irrational thoughts and to realize there are some things we can’t control in life. We can control how we react to situations.

The ABCDE Model of Rational Emotive Behavioral Therapy

The ABC model explains how our beliefs about an event cause an emotional response. It’s not the event that causes the response.

A – Activating event: An event happens.

B – Beliefs: You have beliefs about that event.

C – Consequence: Because of your beliefs, you have an emotional response.

REBT looks at how changing B (beliefs) results in a different C (emotional response or consequence). D and E are how REBT challenges irrational thoughts and replaces those with productive ones to result in a healthy emotional response.

D – Dispute: You argue against your irrational belief that is causing problems.

E – Effect: You successfully counter the irrational belief and realize a new, healthy consequence.

Treating Addiction with REBT

At Beachway, we offer REBT therapy in conjunction with other therapies, such as Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT), and holistic drug and alcohol therapy that includes individual, group, and family counseling. REBT effectively addresses dual diagnosis and gets to the root of the addiction.

By changing the way we think about situations, we can have more positive emotional reactions—and act more healthily.

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