Centers for Addiction Treatment – Common Characteristics of High-Quality Facilities

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Drug and alcohol addiction can be a devastating experience, not just for the addict but those who are close to the addict. It is the ultimate loss of control, as a person’s entire emotional and psychological outlook is consumed by the need to keep getting more and more of whatever it is that is the source of the addiction.

But as serious as this kind of high level addiction may be, there is always hope for a successful, permanent recovery in the form of addiction treatment centers. It isn’t enough, however, to simply take an addict and sign them up at the first center you encounter. As with any person, product or business, reliability, quality and results can vary from one center to another. If you want to make sure that the person you care about is having his or her needs adequately met for addiction treatment, what should you look for to ensure that the best quality is what’s being offered at the addiction treatment centers you’re considering?

Acting With Care Before Admission

Even if you haven’t formally enrolled someone in a center for addiction treatment, the work can begin well before that, and the higher quality centers have the both the staff and the techniques to help. As a family, or a close network of friends, it is the people closest to an addict that usually have the first sense of when things are taking a bad turn.

Family/friend counselling and advice for an addict, and even assistance with pre-admission strategies such as an intervention are all elements of quality addiction treatment that take place even before being admitted to a center. High-quality addiction treatment centers understand that you can win important battles in the war to overcome addiction even before treatment takes place. They offer tips, advice and strategies to families and friends that are taking the steps to ensure a drug addict or alcoholic is starting to seriously commit to overcoming addiction.

Find an Addiction Treatment Center that Addresses All the Issues

Sometimes, addiction is just one part of a complex, multi-dimensional problem. Addiction can come from many sources, and in some cases, those sources may be more important in curing addiction than the initial addiction itself.

Dual diagnosis” is a technique where experienced, qualified staff evaluate other factors aside from solely addiction. Chronic depression, for example, or anxiety disorder, or a persisting case of post-traumatic stress disorder can all be far more serious issues that can lead to substance abuse as a result of a friend or family member trying to use drugs or alcohol to escape the larger problem.

The best addiction treatment centers will address these more prominent, underlying problems as well as the addiction itself. If someone with depression is cured of their addiction to heroin, for example, then all you have done is free that person from one form of escape from depression. If the depression persists, the addict may turn to alcohol or heroin again in order to avoid the overwhelming sense of despair the chronic depression inflicts on a daily basis.

No Universal Treatment Program

Every person is unique, and every person’s struggle to overcome substance addiction is unique. Someone trying to stop drinking alcohol is not facing the same problems as someone trying to overcome a reliance on prescription painkillers, and the young addict that fell into drugs as a result of running with a bad crowd isn’t the same the as the single, affluent business man addicted to alcohol.

Every person has unique needs and challenges that they need to overcome, so it should be no surprise that there is no “one size fits all” treatment that will work effectively for everyone. A successful center for addiction treatment is precise and focused on the characteristics of that individual.

Proper treatment of addiction can take many forms depending on the person. Some people will respond better to traditional counseling with a psychologist or other professional. Others being of a more social persuasion, may benefit from regular group therapy where people all experiencing the same struggle can reinforce each other through support and encouragement.

Still others may respond better to a more creative outlet, such as art or music therapy, and for those that have a strong religious conviction, faith-based treatment may be the most effective approach to dealing with addiction. Top rated addiction treatment centers will be prepared to diagnose and treat a person based on what works best for that individual’s specific personality and preferences.

Long Term Success in a Florida Addiction Treatment Center

Once the initial intensive addiction treatment is over, this just means that one tough battle has been won. The war, however, goes on. It’s easy to remain substance free in the confines of a controlled environment, with a professional support network that is giving constant care. The real challenge is being able to maintain this same commitment when it’s time to resume a normal life again, with all the potential pressures, anxieties and opportunities for indiscretion and mistakes that it presents.

It’s here once again that quality addiction treatment centers can make a difference. There’s an understanding that recovery and therapy continues long after a person walks out the doors of a clinic. Aftercare programs, counseling and group support can all be coordinated and set up in advance with the help of a center for addiction treatment. In this way, although a recovering addict needs to find his or her footing once more, and regain independence, they also still need access to a network of people that are invested in helping them to remain substance free.

Periodic “check in” appointments and meetings with support groups can be an essential part of this long term recovery. It’s important that someone who is free of drugs or alcohol continue to get some positive reinforcement about their decision. This is especially critical in the case of setbacks, such as lapsing back into a substance, which can happen, but doesn’t necessarily have to mean a complete regression of progress.

Top rated addiction treatment centers are invaluable in helping to maintain this long term recovery plan. Make sure the center you choose meets these important criteria. At Beachway Therapy Center, we have experienced staff, a range of treatments, a solid aftercare program and a proven track record of success as a top rated Florida addiction treatment center. Contact us today to learn more or call 877-284-0353 now.



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