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How to Deal with the Fear of Leaving Your Regular Life for Rehab

If you’re addicted to drugs or alcohol and are afraid to go to an in-patient treatment facility, consider the alternative: being stuck in addiction for years to come because your fear of rehab keeps the addiction alive.

Facing fears in any situation can be a challenge, and during a huge life change like breaking an addiction, the challenge can seem monumental. But fear is natural and normal at every stage of recovery. Instead of letting your fears drive you away, you can turn them into reasons why you should seek help and let them guide you through the decision of going to a rehabilitation center.

Here are some common fears about going to rehab and how you can change them into reasons to seek treatment:


Going to Rehab Will Be Painful and Uncomfortable

Withdrawal and the symptoms that accompany it are among the most common concerns that addicts have about entering a rehab program.

Reputable treatment centers have detox units that aim to make your detox process as comfortable as it can be. You may be able to bring comfort items from homes like a favorite blanket or sweater, and most units will have medical staff available and ready to handle any situations that arise from your withdrawal experience. Removing yourself from the place where you developed your addiction will ensure that your recovery journey starts on the right foot.

Going to Rehab Means the Unknown

Going to a treatment center means you won’t know anyone, and you don’t know what will happen once you get there.

While those are valid concerns, you will be surrounded by staff whose sole purpose is to help you restore your health and well-being and others going through the same process as you. If you’re nervous about starting a new routine, you can ease your mind by asking any questions about the process beforehand – you always have the right to ask questions, and people will be happy to answer them.

Going to Rehab Could Mean Failure

Recovery is a constant battle of sobriety. Sometimes it takes more than one try to succeed.

It’s true – sobriety can be elusive, and most addicts can relapse at one point or another. There are times when you will doubt yourself, but many individuals have succeeded despite their fear of failure.

Going to Rehab Could Mean Success

On the flip side of that is succeeding in your journey to addiction recovery. How will life be now that you’re no longer addicted to drugs or alcohol?

You’ve probably been using drugs or alcohol to cope with your feelings and maybe even as a mask for an undiagnosed mental illness. It can be scary to think about facing your true emotions head-on and finding a new way to cope. A huge part of rehabilitation involves lots of emotional work, but you will be surrounded by caring professionals who will show you new and healthy coping mechanisms for life.

Don’t let the fear of rehab stop you from getting the help that you or your loved one needs for their addiction. Yes, getting help can be scary, but instead of using fear to avoid proper treatment, use the concerns as reasons for motivation for starting your journey to recovery.