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Your health, well-being, and life, matter. Beachway Therapy Center offers a comprehensive and healing program for individuals in Daytona Beach that are setting out on the road to recovery. As a top-ranking drug and alcohol rehabilitation facility, we provide holistic treatments for individuals who are ready to find a welcoming and comforting place to recover and live addiction-free.

Choosing Beachway for Holistic Drug & Alcohol Treatment

As one of the top-ranked addiction treatment centers in Daytona Beach, Beachway Therapy Center provides a caring and nurturing environment to help sufferers of addiction focus on getting better. Therapy is much more than a one-step solution. True therapy that paves the way to recovery requires an approach from various, interactive experiences and options. Beachway realizes that there is no magic cure to addiction, but rather, that addiction involves confronting issues, and cultivating methods of treatment that best help an individual live a life filled with meaning, and with purpose.

We focus on extensive and inspiring coaching, teaching, and guidance towards much more than just getting sober. Our treatment programs inspire individuals to live, fully, once again.

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Breaking the Cycle

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If you or a loved one are looking for a way out of addiction, you’re not alone. Recognizing the need for treatment is one of the hardest steps towards sobriety, but facing your addiction is a vital part of the recovery process. You realize that there are healthier ways to exist and that you deserve a lifestyle that brings you joy.

Our Daytona Beach drug rehab is designed to lift the burden of guilt from your shoulders, and guide you towards a fulfilling life, without substance abuse. Sobriety is not a quick-fix, and neither is a successful therapy program. We’ve developed a sustainable recovery program that is customized towards your specific needs and wishes. Since there is no magic one-size-fits-all therapy program, we configure a customized treatment plan of action, including therapies such as:


Start Your Journey to Recovery

Our experienced and compassionate therapy experts believe in recovery, for life. Find happiness in a sober life with our range of programs developed by professionals who strive to provide the successful and comfortable treatment that you deserve. Nurturing programming is a vital piece of our drug rehab and alcohol treatments in Daytona Beach. Beachway offers activities such as fishing, yoga, and weekly excursions, to help you discover confidence and freedom while developing the mindset necessary for long-term success.

Our Daytona Beach rehab center offers a comfortable environment for people who want to start fresh. With private room options, equipped with endless modern amenities, feel supported in our encouraging community of staff and clients alike at our state-of-art recovery facility. Recover from addiction and gain the habits necessary to embrace a healthier and fulfilling lifestyle.

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Individualized Treatment Programs in Daytona Beach

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At Beachway, a holistic treatment program that highlights your needs, and focuses on your individual road to recovery is what we offer. Together with your therapist, you’ll develop a treatment program and plan that is individualized to meet your needs, hopes, and desires when it comes to recovery. Addiction is a disease much like any other and finding a treatment plan that emphasizes both physical and mental health and well-being is key. Our medical and psychiatric professionals provide on-going, 24/7 support to help you focus on healing, no matter where you are in the recovery process.


Retreat, Overcome and Heal

Access to a caring environment where getting well is your focus is what you’ll get when you come to our Daytona Beach drug rehab facility. The medical and psychological professionals at Beachway deliver top-ranking, individualized treatment programs that realize the importance of healing and rediscovering a healthy lifestyle, free of alcohol or drugs. With state of the art therapies, begin your road to recovery in a facility that provides you with a nurturing environment and a caring, supportive community.

Beachway Therapy Center offers drug and alcohol rehabilitation programs, with a variety of therapies available for both clientele, and their loved ones. If you or your loved one are ready to begin the road to recovery, contact us today. Our friendly and welcoming associates are always ready to answer any questions and share information on substance abuse. At Beachway, you’re never alone in your recovery process. Contact us today for result-oriented drug and alcohol rehab in the Daytona Beach area.


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Take Step #1 – Begin Your Recovery

Call 877-284-0353 or complete the form below

Take Step #1 – Begin Your Recovery

Call 877-284-0353 or complete the form below

Call 877-284-0353 or complete the form below

The Biosound Therapy System is a vibrational platform constructed of memory foam and integrated with an audio/visual delivery system. The Biosound Therapy System utilized precisely choreographed music that is synchronized with low frequency sine tones and binaural beats
The integration of:
  • Biofeedback
  • Music Therapy
  • Sound frequency
  • Guided Imagery
  • Binaural Beats induce a theta level meditative state
  • Low frequency vibrations trigger a natural relaxation response
  • Coherent heart rhythm patterns synchronize the body
  • Positive affirmations develop mindfulness and awareness