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Cigna Rehab Coverage for Addiction & Mental Health Treatment

Addiction can be hard to beat, but for many, the hardest part of the process is mustering up the courage to seek treatment. Part of the reason so many avoid taking this step is the notion that treatment is unattainable and unaffordable. People attending addiction treatments see similar rates of relapse as other manageable chronic conditions, making access to treatment a lifeline toward sobriety the same way treatment is a lifeline to individuals suffering from diabetes, asthma, and similar conditions. Unfortunately, that lifeline is unattainable all too often due to barriers like affordability or lack of insurance coverage.

Affording quality mental health treatment can be difficult, and while insurance can help reduce out-of-pocket costs, it may not cover everything. For patients with Cigna, rehab coverage may be available. Beachway can help patients with Cigna insurance who are ready to recover from their drug or alcohol addictions by providing assistance in navigating the insurance verification process and by offering a range of treatment options.

If you or a loved one are struggling with addiction and don’t know how to afford treatment, contact Beachway today at 877-978-1880 to discuss financing and treatment options.


Does Cigna
Cover Rehab?

Insurance coverage can be a major hurdle for a person struggling with a drug or alcohol addiction to overcome as they navigate their journey to sobriety. Cigna covers drug rehab in many cases, if patients meet certain criteria. Covered services typically depend on the details of individual or group plans. Because treatment and services can vary, patients should always confirm coverage before seeking treatment to avoid unexpected bills.

Beachway understands how difficult it can be to navigate through the fine print of an insurance plan. The best way to guarantee Cigna rehab coverage is by contacting Beachway directly with all relevant insurance plan information to work through the verification process before enrolling in treatment.


Tips for Verifying
Cigna Rehab Coverage

Knowing what information to have or which questions to ask during that first phone call can be daunting. Before contacting Beachway to confirm Cigna drug rehab coverage, consider a few tips to streamline the process.

Have Your Cigna Plan and ID Numbers Ready

Make sure the account number or member service number of the individual seeking treatment is readily available prior to contacting Beachway. This number is one of the first pieces of information requested, and having it ready will help the representative quickly verify coverage and streamline the rest of the phone call.

Write Down the Name of the Representative You Are Speaking With

Working with insurance companies isn’t always easy. The need to refer to past correspondence may arise during treatment. To make this process easier, write down the name of any representatives with whom you speak as you gather information.

Verify Levels of Care

Rehab programs come in varying levels of care. Most commonly, these are inpatient or outpatient treatments. Take the time with the representative to verify which level of care will be right for the patient.

Confirm Your Policy’s Coverage

Not all policies will offer the same coverage. A patient’s coverage may or may not cover treatments such as Suboxone, assessments, detoxification, and other procedures. By verifying coverage before scheduling treatments, patients can help minimize out-of-pocket costs.

Ask for Details About the Deductible and Copays

To avoid being blindsided with a bill, always ask for details about deductibles and co-pays before seeking treatment. This may vary based on the level of coverage an individual has with their insurance. Beachway can confirm co-pays and deductibles and provide more detailed information about expected payment schedules while receiving treatment at this rehabilitation center.

Confirm Out-of-Pocket Maximums

Another important number to confirm prior to treatment is the out-of-pocket maximum. This is the maximum expense that treatment could cost the patient before the insurance policy covers the rest.

Ask What Cigna Needs From You

Finally, don’t forget to ask the representative for any pertinent patient information to streamline the verification and enrollment process. There may be additional information necessary to determine a patient’s Cigna drug rehab coverage.

Contact Beachway to Confirm Rehab Coverage

It takes courage for someone to admit they are addicted to drugs or alcohol, and it takes even more courage and commitment to seek treatment. People adamant about seeking treatment shouldn’t be met with obstacles every step of the way. That’s why Beachway is available and ready to help people serious about beating their addictions find affordable plans for treatment.

Beachway offers patients a wide range of support during their detox and healing processes. Patients may receive inpatient or outpatient services, where they have access to support from professionals and holistic therapies to develop new methods of coping with life stressors that don’t require substance abuse.

If you or a loved one are addicted to drugs or alcohol and are ready to seek treatment, contact Beachway today to verify coverage, discuss programs, and begin the healing process.