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Horizon NJ Rehab Coverage for Addiction Treatment

When you see someone suffering from substance abuse, you can understand that they and their families face challenges on many fronts. These physical, mental, emotional, and financial obstacles can add to the stress of recovery. However, there is a solution.

Horizon NJ coverage can help pay for treatment for alcohol addiction, drug abuse or mental health treatment. Insurance is there to reduce out-of-pocket expenses. With one issue out of the way, you can focus on getting better.

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Does Horizon NJ Cover Rehab?

Most people who contact Beachway want to know if Horizon NJ covers rehab costs or whether Horizon Blue Cross and Horizon NJ Health are the same. Our response to these and similar questions is to contact us or your insurance provider. Clearing up your queries also depends on individual circumstances. These circumstances include the type of plan you have and the type of treatment you or your loved one needs to recover.

Once our financial team has the necessary details, they can advise you further. We invite potential patients to contact us and discuss the financial implications of receiving treatment at our facility.

Tips for Verifying Horizon NJ Rehab Coverage

If you feel you need addiction treatment from our team of experts at our Beachway facility, you may have questions. The best way we can help is if you have your health plan ready when you call us.

Have your Horizon NJ plan and ID numbers ready

Whether you’re contacting your us or your insurance provider, we suggest you have your plan document with you. Once you have your plan, please make sure you know your account number or have your member service number available. Having these documents readily available often speeds up the process of getting your questions answered.

Write down the name of the representative you are speaking with

When you contact your insurance provider, make sure you keep a record of who you spoke to. If there’s any conflicting information or confusion, having the name of your original contact ready can help resolve those issues. Those details can also be useful to our team when ensuring the information you were given is correct.

Verify levels of care

After confirming which Horizon NJ drug rehab plan you have and what levels of care it covers, you can speak with our professionals regarding the best treatment plan to support you on your road to wellness.

Our treatment plans include the following:

– Detox

– Aftercare

Inpatient care

Outpatient care

– Other programs, such as trauma, faith-based, or long-term treatment

– Family therapy programs and interventions

Confirm your policy’s coverage

When speaking with the representative about rehab coverage, we suggest you discuss topics like assessment and detoxification. Starting your treatment with a check can be a positive step in planning your treatment and recovery. Alternatively, if you’ve already had an assessment, you may wish to explore your options regarding recovery treatment. Either way, you’ll need to know more what’s covered by your insurance plan and what isn’t. You can ask us about coverage or contact Horizon NJ directly for more information.

Ask for details about the deductible and copays

Because Horizon NJ Health has several plans, knowing more about your out-of-pocket expenses can be complicated. However, some plans cover most expenses, while fee-for-service (FFS) will pay for most costs. Ultimately, patients may be looking at a nominal contribution for medication amounting to $5 monthly. However, it’s best to speak directly with one of our representatives to clarify the out-of-pocket expenses relative to your insurance plan for drug and alcohol treatment.

Ask what Horizon NJ needs from you

If you want to use your Horizon NJ rehab plan to receive treatment at Beachway, we suggest you first confirm the details. Your insurance provider will probably need to know that your plan is updated and that you have paid for your annual renewal. They may also want confirmation or proof of information regarding your address and employment status, among other information. Please check what Horizon NJ needs from you to smooth your addiction treatment and make the process easier.

Contact Beachway To Confirm Horizon NJ Rehab Coverage

You can contact Beachway to clarify your Horizon NJ rehab coverage or complete the online form. If you speak to one of our representatives directly, you can also discuss our various programs.

Once you decide on the program for your mental health journey, we can provide you with more information to simplify the process. Either way, we are here to help you on your road to recovery.