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Magellan Rehab Coverage

Entering into an effective treatment program is the most important thing someone suffering from addiction or mental health can do. Inside the walls of a reputable treatment facility, the addicted person can rest easy, knowing that there are professionals whose only job is to help them get well again. Behind those walls, it’s possible to focus on getting well and not worry about the issues of everyday life.

Alcohol and drug rehab treatment is a costly process, and having an insurance carrier that provides coverage makes it all much easier to manage. Magellan Behavioral Health provides coverage for drug and alcohol treatment for its policyholders, with the appropriate referral.

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More About Magellan Health
Insurance & Rehab Coverage

Magellan Health is a health care management company that provides world-class health care services over a wide range of specialties, including behavioral health care. As more and more people, health organizations, and government agencies agree with the importance of drug and alcohol rehab coverage as part of a qualified health care plan, top health insurance providers like Magellan are providing answers.

Most insurance plans from Magellan Behavioral Health that include Magellan Life Resources will cover you if you need substance abuse treatment, but any detox and treatment must be approved first. If it has been considered a necessary step to seek out drug or alcohol rehabilitation by an Employee Assistance Program, then Magellan will pay for all or part of the treatment.

The length of treatment covered by a Magellan alcohol rehab coverage plan depends on what has been deemed necessary after private counseling. Insurance coverage can vary depending on whether inpatient or outpatient treatment is required and the suggested length. Generally, 100% is covered for inpatient network providers and 50% for out-of-network inpatient facilities.


Verifying Magellan
Rehab Coverage Details

Details are at the heart of every health insurance policy, and the details that make up your policy will determine how much coverage you have and how that money is allocated. Your Magellan drug rehab coverage covers rehab, but the length of your treatment, amount of the deductible, co-payment options, and type of addiction can all modify the details and the coverage. If you are confused and unsure, we can help verify your approval and get you into treatment with the coverage you need.