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MagnaCare Rehab Coverage

The most common reason for an individual in need of treatment for addiction to forgo entering rehab is the costs associated with treatment. In many cases, a person will need to leave their job for a period to enter rehab. This kind of stress puts additional strain on the individual seeking recovery and may lead to relapse.

In addition to leaving one’s job for rehab, there are also other things to consider, like the cost of maintaining other financial commitments such as a mortgage or childcare. In many cases, individuals seeking treatment at a facility may have lost their jobs or are already experiencing financial hardship due to their addiction issues.

Seeking treatment for drug or alcohol abuse or dependencies doesn’t need to be that stressful. Many rehab facilities accept insurance coverage to help with the payments. With the Affordable Care Act of 2008, all health insurance companies must provide coverage for rehab.

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More About Magnacare
Insurance & Rehab Coverage

If you are considering entering an alcohol or drug rehab facility, the good news is that MagnaCare drug rehab coverage may cover a portion of the full amount of your stay. Entering rehab should be considered an investment since the reward for completing treatment means a sober and happy life ahead; even if your specific plan only covers a portion of the treatment, it’s still worth it in the end. The amount of coverage offered is completely dependent on your unique MagnaCare rehab coverage plan and should be discussed before entering a facility to confirm payment details.


Verifying MagnaCare Rehab
Coverage Details

MagnaCare is a company with deep roots in the community. While other insurance companies focus on the volume of clients they serve, MagnaCare focuses on providing the best quality service to their own communities. Their commitment to providing thoughtful and individualized insurance solutions has made them one of the best healthcare advocates in the industry.

Plans with MagnaCare cover various organizations, including self-insured organizations, commercial insurers, third-party administrators, municipalities, and more. With a comprehensive understanding of the healthcare industry and client’s unique needs, they can develop the most cost-effective and all-encompassing plan specifically designed to meet the personal medical requirements of members. With special features such as 24/7 online access to health care information, clear and transparent service is just a click away with MagnaCare.
For more information on your coverage and plans, call 877-284-0353 today.

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The History of MagnaCare

When the Affordable Care Act was passed in 2008, all insurance companies required coverage for addiction treatment. MagnaCare took that decision and went above and beyond to provide unique solutions from detox to rehab for all members in need of addiction treatment.

By treating addiction like any other kind of disease, MagnaCare can cater treatment plans based on the specific need of its members. The extent of coverage is completely dependent on the plan, so clients are guaranteed that either a partial or full rehab cost is covered. The best way to determine the details of coverage is by calling the experts at MagnaCare to confirm.


The Benefits of MagnaCare

Why is it Important for Insurance to
Cover Rehab?

It’s estimated that one in 12 Americans suffers from alcohol abuse or dependency. From this figure, only a fraction receives the help they need with alcohol addiction treatment. By acknowledging that addiction is a chronic disease that affects the function of the brain, insurance companies are able to treat it like a mental illness and cover it within their plans. By breaking down roadblocks and making addiction and mental health treatment accessible to everyone, millions of Americans can find recovery from addiction and live happy, sober, productive lives.

Alcohol and drug addiction not only affects the individuals and families of those who suffer but the U.S. economy is also impacted by the negative symptoms of addiction. The National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) estimates that roughly $700 billion per year is spent fighting the negative effects of substance abuse. Whether it’s from crime, health care, or reduced work productivity, one thing is for sure; we are all suffering from this chronic disease. By covering rehab through insurance like MagnaCare alcohol rehab coverage, more people are likely to seek help. With more awareness brought to the issue, the stigma attached to substance abuse and addiction will be reduced.

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Understand MagnaCare Rehab
Coverage and Beat Addiction for Good

When entering a treatment facility, it’s important to be aware that recovery is a long and arduous road, but the light at the end of the tunnel makes all the hard work worth it in the end.

If you or a loved on is considering rehab, call Beachway to confirm the details of your MagnaCare rehab coverage today.