When the use of drugs and alcohol has become a problem, finding a way to return to a healthy lifestyle becomes the priority. For many people, choosing a faith-based rehab is the beginning of getting back on track.

The Beachway approach is centered on the belief that every person can heal, no matter how far down the path of addiction they have gone.

Pastor Troy leads Beachway’s Christian Recovery Program. Pastor Troy is an ordained minister with 15 plus years of experience in ministry. He is affiliated with LifeSpring Church in West Palm Beach and is the Founder. President of Freedom Recovery, Inc. Pastor Troy is a native Floridian with deep family, ministry, and recovery roots here in Palm Beach County.

Christian Drug & Alcohol Rehab

Many know the toll addiction takes on precious human life; however, unconditional love is the cornerstone of Christian drug rehab at Beachway. We have faith in the innocence that lies beyond the addiction, and we have faith that when a person hands over their problems to God, they can overcome the worst things life throws at them.

We neither blame nor judge the sinner — our role is to support them in facing their problems and guide them back to their faith as an integral part of the rehabilitation journey.

Alcohol addiction is challenging to overcome for various reasons, but mostly because alcohol is an “acceptable” substance that most people use to socialize, relax, and entertain. By the time an alcohol addiction is identifiable, it often has already taken a severe toll on a person’s mind, body, relationships, and spirit. Christian alcohol rehab addresses the issue from the ground up.

Building on a spiritual level, we guide the individual to deal with the aspects of their life that have suffered from addiction. An alcoholic can take responsibility for things they have done that have affected others. Then they can ask forgiveness and continue on their recovery journey, thus, avoiding becoming caught in an endless spiral of self-loathing. It is never an easy road, but Christian alcohol rehab offers light, where there were only darkness and a way out of the struggles addiction has caused.

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Detox Program

There are so many aspects to an effective Christian rehab; however, detox is often the first step to break the physical grip that drugs or alcohol have placed on an individual. If deemed medically necessary by Beachway’s clinical staff, detox can be a crucial step for some patients.

With Beachway’s program, there is no need to fear the detox process. It can take seven to 10 days of detoxification to cleanse a patient of alcohol or drugs. Beachway uses a 24-hour supervision protocol; we offer care with relaxants and sedatives to ensure comfort.

Some common withdrawal symptoms include:

  • Anxiety
  • Irritability
  • Nausea
  • Sweating
  • Shaky hands
  • Vomiting
  • Insomnia

Severe symptoms could include:

  • Confusion
  • High body temperature
  • Paranoia
  • Seizures
  • Rapid heart rate

After a successful detox under professional, caring supervision, a Christian recovery program may begin.

Inpatient Program

Inpatient Christian rehab has the highest success rate for Christians seeking to overcome addiction. At Beachway, patients get all the benefits of evidence-based clinical therapies and treatments while also absorbing scriptural teachings and philosophies.

In a Christian inpatient program, the inherent shame and guilt associated with addiction are replaced by empowerment as the patient’s relationship with God strengthens. We apply His word to their recovery, and patients gain a deeper understanding of His forgiveness and how they, in turn, can forgive others (and themselves).

Outpatient Program

While highly successful, the Christian inpatient program and associated hospitalization may not be necessary for all patients. Sometimes, an addicted Christian can still be physically healthy, does not have any comorbid disorders, and enjoys high levels of support from their network of loved ones outside a Christian rehab center setting. In cases such as these, where addictions are less severe, we recommend the Christian outpatient program.

As with inpatient Christian rehab programs, scripture studies and Christian ideals are built into the clinical addiction treatment program. But the Christian outpatient rehab program can usually be shaped around outside obligations, such as a work schedule, and has a typical duration of four hours per day, three to four days a week.

Aftercare Program

Relapse is an unfortunate but very real common symptom of addictive behavior, and it is no different for Christians who take part in rehab. However, a Christian rehab aftercare program is the source of continual support, reinforcing the patient’s newly strengthened relationship with God. Our care for our patients does not end when they graduate from inpatient or outpatient Christian rehab programs. We provide ongoing alumni care with full peer support services.

What Does Faith-Based Treatment Involve?

At Beachway, patients receive support and guidance tailored to their needs and preferences. We work with individuals to assess their needs spiritually, psychologically, and physically to create a personalized faith-based addiction recovery program specific to the patient’s religion and spiritual beliefs.

Every person arrives at Beachway with unique circumstances, struggles, and aspirations. We provide the opportunity to work directly with our program director, Pastor Troy, to create a program that will confront addiction on a spiritual level.

We tailor one-on-one and group therapy sessions to an individual’s needs—Beachway designs treatment plans around a patient’s assessment. We take careful consideration of the steps needed for spiritual recovery.

How Effective Is Faith-Based Rehab?

It is common to hear people in recovery speak of the self-hatred, guilt, and judgment that drove them further into addiction. When a person has gone down this dark road, it can be achingly painful to reach out for help. They may fear that others will judge them, will not understand, or not want to help them. For many people, no matter how much others love them, they cannot feel that love, and they turn to drugs and alcohol to numb their pain.

At the darkest hour, the greatest gift a struggling person can receive is the experience of a connection to God, inner peace, and love. Even just a brief understanding of this connection can return a person to faith because they are not alone, and they understand this love is always there for them. Faith-based drug rehab walks a person through the steps necessary to experience their connection to God, give their problems over to a higher power, and fill the inner void that leads to craving and self-destructive behavior.

Patients will be with like-minded individuals who are also on the journey to gain sobriety and strengthen their spiritual connections. For many people, this is the most valuable part of faith-based treatment.

A Faith-Based Road to Recovery

Recovery from a drug or alcohol problem is a road that a person walks for the rest of their life. That may sound daunting, but with the support of a faith-based recovery program, this is a road that is walked joyfully and with the knowledge that help is always available.

Beachway knows that successful recovery is possible because we see it every day. We help our patients develop lifelong skills and relationships with self, God, and the loved ones necessary to maintain lasting health and sobriety.

Our Christian rehab treatment program helps patients build a spiritual foundation. Follow-up support is always available wherever necessary, and, of course, through participating in Christian rehab, you will once again have your faith.

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Raising Standards for Rehabilitation

Beachway is focused on providing the highest standard of substance abuse treatment. Our commitment to delivering quality and meeting rigorous standards is acknowledged by a Joint Commission independent review.

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Content Written By Elizabeth OssipLCSW, CAP, ICADC


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