Forming a strong foundation for a happy and sober life starts with healing from the ground up. At Beachway Therapy Center, we work to heal the mind, body and souls of our clients. Through the holistic addiction treatment approach to recovery from drug and alcohol addiction, we can ensure the success of our clients and prevent future relapse.

With access to fitness and nutrition resources, our clients can work towards a healthier life. Activities and relaxation services will also aid in fostering permanent recovery from addiction.

At Beachway, we go beyond the issue of addiction and work to discover and treat the underlying causes that are creating roadblocks to recovery.

This type of holistic addiction treatment therapy consists of group sessions and private sessions throughout the day. Clients can be expected to put in a lot of hard work towards their recovery, which is why reinforcing the idea of being kind to yourself and taking care of your body is important. Some of our most popular fitness activities include yoga, meditation and access to a gym. These activities are available between one and three times per week to help clients adjust to a regular schedule.

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How does Fitness Help with the Holistic Addiction Treatment Method?

Getting back in shape – In many cases, recovering addicts were previously not taking care of their bodies and may be in poor physical condition.

Helping to ease withdrawal symptoms – Exercise can help relieve withdrawal symptoms. For example, someone recovering from opiates use can develop restless leg syndrome. Physical activity can help to cure this.

  • Endorphins – Scientists have proven that endorphins are released when we exercise, making us feel happy. Having access to this in rehab is valuable since it reinforces the idea of a happy, sober life. The endorphins from exercise can also help clients deal with the emotional aspect of rehab and help them by creating a positive outlet for their emotions.
  • Increasing self-esteem – In many cases, addicts suffer from low self-esteem. Accomplishing fitness goals and getting in shape can help with this.
  • Creating positive habits – Working out in rehab allows clients to develop a healthy hobby that they can carry with them even after treatment is complete.

Despite regular group and private therapy sessions, clients will find themselves with a lot of free time during their stay in rehab. Supplementing that free time with fitness is a positive way to make the most out of your recovery experience.

Healing the Body Through Relaxation

Another popular aspect of holistic addiction treatment and recovery at Beachway is the regular access to spa facilities. During recovery, staying focused, happy and healthy is a top priority. Spa services such as massage, acupuncture and access to a chiropractor and physical therapist allow our clients to treat their bodies while they recover.

We carry immeasurable tension in our bodies. A recovering addict may feel this tension more than the average person, so taking care of your mind, soul and body through physical therapy and massage is a great way to combine a physical release with an emotional release.

We recommend that all clients utilize these benefits as the relaxation and stress release can help tremendously in the recovery process.


Why is Nutrition Important?

Drugs and alcohol impact the system differently. Although one thing is true: people who abuse substances such as alcohol and drugs are malnourished. Between eating poorly and the effects that drugs or alcohol have on your system, your metabolism, organ function, and mental health are all affected by what goes into an individual’s body.

When a patient enters rehab at Beachway, they may consult with a nutritionist to help get back on track, fueling their body in a way that will promote health and longevity and make them feel better. Our medical professionals provide services such as nutritional evaluations, counseling for weight management and counseling for nutritional needs to help with eating disorders, substance abuse, and other mental illnesses, a nutritionist may provide the tools to eat well during recovery and for the rest of a patient’s life.

Outside Activities Make a Difference

One of the primary goals of rehab is to drive home the idea that life can be enjoyed without using drugs or alcohol. At Beachway, we reinforce this belief by offering fun and dynamic activities for our clients. Twice per week, outpatient clients are invited to head to the nearby beach for some fun and relaxation, while once per week, we offer equine therapy to inspire clients through physical and emotional bonding with horses.

To promote healing of the mind, body and soul, we also offer church services two times per week for clients interested in faith-based healing.

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