Defending your country is a great honor. Unfortunately, this experience often times leads to trouble when members of the military return to civilian life. For many years, veterans have struggled with drug, alcohol, and prescription drug addictions.

Due to the change in lifestyle, as well as post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), many veterans have a difficult time coping on their own.

With the help of a veteran rehab facility, it is easier than ever for these people to get the help they need.

Many veterans struggle with alcohol addiction while others turn to drugs including heroin, cocaine, and prescription painkillers.

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Benefits of Inpatient Treatment

Treating a veteran is not the same as somebody who has not served in the military. This is why it is essential to choose a veteran drug rehab program that has experience with patients of this background.

Specific treatment programs should include:

  • Helping the patient cope with mental anguish caused by defending their country, as well as any physical pain
  • An individualized program based on the patient’s past as well as their current addiction problem
  • Teaching coping strategies that can help deal with any traumatic experiences from life in the military

Nobody wants to be an addict. These people want to return home from the military and lead a normal life. However, this is not always the way that things turn out. Thankfully, there are alcohol and drug rehab programs for veterans designed specifically to fit their needs.

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Immediate care is necessary for those who are struggling with addiction

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Due to the many challenges, a treatment program should include the following:

  • Group therapy, preferably with other veterans
  • Drug detox program
  • 24 hour a day medical assistance
  • Aftercare, helping the patient avoid a relapse
  • Individual therapy and counseling

Not all rehab facilities specialize in the treatment of veterans. Those who have served their country and have succumbed to an addiction would be best suited enrolling in a veteran rehab program.

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Top Alcohol and Drug Rehab for Veterans

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To beat an addiction, it is important to have the proper staff working with the patient. This is one of the most important details to consider, no matter if you are checking yourself into a rehab facility or are searching for a family member or friend.

The types of staff should include: nurses, physicians, psychiatrists (to help with PTSD), addiction counselors, and case managers.

These professionals can help treat both emotional and physical problems as related to drug and alcohol dependency.

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