Beachway is located near West Palm Beach, in a peaceful,serene, healing environment, away from life’s stresses and distractions. We help patients make positive changes for themselves and for their families.  It all begins when the patient first arrives on campus.

The First Steps: Check-In and Orientation

During the initial check-in, the patient will receive a brief orientation from a member of the clinical care team. The patient will complete any remaining documentation to finalize the admissions process and will receive any details about how their customized rehabilitation program will unfold during their stay.

For some patients, this involves detox.  For others, detox isn’t required.  This decision will be made by the Beachway medical team on an individual, case by case basis. For those who must undergo the detox process, that is the first priority before anything else.

Once checked in, a short walk with a member of the welcoming staff will lead the patient to their room, where they will get settled in and unpack their belongings. The first hours at Beachway will also include a brief tour of the property.

Take Step #1 – Begin Your Recovery

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Luxurious Accommodations, Thoughtful Details

Because Beachway is a boutique therapy center with less than 50 patients, our staff is able to tailor the accommodations to fit each guest and make their space feel like their own. Comfortably furnished and impeccably clean — the modern accommodations at Beachway have everything a patient might need within reach. There are those times when a patient may forget to bring toiletries, device chargers, or other items to make their stay more comfortable. Our staff is here to help provide those items when possible, so the patient can focus on their healing journey,

The rooms are warm, inviting spaces with soothing color palettes, beautiful indoor plants, and a wealth of natural sunlight.

Rooms may be shared with one or two others, or they may be private (which may have a waitlist). As a detox patient progresses to lower levels of care, private rooms may be available as an accommodation option. However, sharing rooms with others during recovery helps foster community and emotional support between fellow patients.

Each patient manages their individual space, although housekeeping does the majority of cleaning. After detox is over, patients can use the laundry services independently.

Amenities and Recreation: Re-Engaging with Life and Joy

After getting settled into their room, the patient will get a first-hand look at the other amenities and recreation. Therapy and recovery involve hard work to heal and get well, which is why it is critical for patients to have hea