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Blue Cross Blue Shield Rehab Coverage

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blue cross blue shield rehab logo imageIt’s easy to paint a picture of someone with a substance abuse problem as being undisciplined, lazy or even deserving of being in that predicament. Of course, substance abuse often masks deeper issues, and usually begins rather innocently. The key for anyone addicted to drugs or alcohol is to find adequate treatment and start on the road to recovery.

The unfortunate reality is that road costs money to travel, and without the right insurance coverage, most people just can’t afford it. There are many different insurance companies out there that offer some sort of substance abuse coverage, and Blue Cross Blue Shield Insurance is one of the biggest. If finding the right information within all the paperwork seems arduous, your treatment facility will help you find what you need. Continue reading to learn more about Blue Cross Blue Shield drug rehab coverage.

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BlueCross/BlueShield has helped people gain access to affordable healthcare solutions for more than 80 years. There are a total of 36 locally owned and operated Blue Cross and Blue Shield companies across the country, providing health insurance coverage to over 106 million members, covering every state, the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico.

BlueCross/BlueShield has one of the most complete substance abuse insurance plans, taking the entire recovery process into consideration. The drug and alcohol rehab insurance includes programs that are specifically designed to work with HMO, PPO and federal insurance networks. Most substance abuse programs by Blue Cross Blue Shield rehab are managed through Employee Assistance Programs, and the insurance company itself is always quick to help answer questions and assist in the long-term care of addicts and their families.


Verifying Blue Cross Blue Shield Insurance Rehab Coverage Details

Substance abuse and its treatment is always complex and covers a wide range of possibilities. Some patients require drugs to combat issues brought on by the detoxification process or other health issues, and these drugs may or may not be covered. Factors like the length of rehab treatment, the type of addiction that’s being treated and whether or not the patient is a habitual addict all plays a role in determining how much is covered.

Beachway is a world-class treatment facility with a high success rate, and we know our way around even the most complex insurance policies. We can help you work through the details of your Blue Cross Blue Shield alcohol rehab coverage and drug rehab coverage and help with your approval verification, if it’s required. The main goal for you should be to get the treatment you need and restore your health.

Beachway offers other insurance options as well, such as Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts rehab coverage.


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