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Empire Plan (United Health Care/UHC)

Deciding to enter a rehab facility to recover from drug or alcohol addiction is difficult. In the United States, it’s estimated that 17.6 million people suffer from alcohol addiction, while only a fraction of that number can get the treatment they need.

Many people who suffer from addiction don’t get the help they deserve for several reasons. The most common roadblock that prevents people from entering rehab is the cost. Rehab is often expensive, and the cost of rehab combined with the pressure of taking time off work and figuring out other financial logistics such as mortgage payments and childcare can put extra stress on someone in recovery.

Rehab coverage from insurance companies is a great way to get part of the cost or the full treatment episode covered. Clients can recover in peace without the stress of figuring out a way to pay for the treatment. Continue reading to learn more about The Empire Plan drug rehab coverage.


Will United Health Care Pay for Rehab Treatment?

The short answer is yes. One of the largest healthcare providers in the country, United Health Care, or UHC, covers rehab for drug or alcohol addiction. However, the amount of coverage is based on the plan you are currently enrolled in. Treatments such as group therapy, individual therapy, extended inpatient treatment, and chemical aversion therapy where medically necessary are all covered by UHC. For New York state residents, UHC offers a product known as the Empire Plan to provide more individualized care, including drug and alcohol rehab coverage.

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The History of The Empire Plan/UHC

United Health Care has been helping members with affordable and simple insurance solutions since 1974. In that time, UHC has become one of the largest insurance providers in the country, serving over 70 million clients. UHC has truly innovated the insurance industry in its 42 years of activity.

From being the first company to provide a network-based health plan for seniors to be the first insurance company to produce report cards on health care quality, accessibility and cost, UHC is constantly moving forward and creating solutions for customers across the country. Under this umbrella is The Empire Plan, a product that gives New York state residents access to over 100,000 healthcare providers affiliated with UHC and The Empire Plan.

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What are the Benefits of the Empire Plan?

Designed to meet the coverage needs of New York state residents only, the Empire Plan is a product that provides members with a list of over 100,000 medical providers to choose from. This plan is beneficial for people seeking drug or alcohol addiction treatment because it does not require a referral from your primary care physician.

To receive coverage for rehab, all you need to do is find a facility and sign up. However, it is recommended that you enter a rehab facility that partners with The Empire Plan/UHC to reduce the cost of treatment and get the most coverage available. Finding a treatment center that works with the Empire Plan is as simple as looking through the convenient directory provided to members.


The Empire Plan Rehab Coverage

Understanding your specific plan and coverage is vital when planning to enter rehab. Some questions you should always ask your provider to determine specific coverage includes:

  • Is there a limitation to the treatment facilities that are available with this coverage?
  • How much can you expect to pay in terms of a deductible or out-of-pocket expense for treatment?
  • Are there specific services or treatments that are covered?
  • Will the treatment be available regardless of the coverage you are insured for?
  • What is the exact procedure?

By asking numerous questions, you can ensure that your insurance coverage is clear, transparent and you will not face any surprises down the road. Contact us to learn more about The Empire Plan alcohol rehab coverage and drug rehab coverage.


Get the Treatment you need with the Help of Insurance

Using insurance to pay for drug or alcohol rehab is a great way to reduce the financial burden of recovery. Insurance is designed to help with medical costs, and since addiction is classified as a chronic mental disease, insurance is designed to help individuals overcome it.

Whether it’s for you or a loved one, if you require treatment for substance abuse or addiction, don’t hesitate, call Beachway today and find out if your insurance covers rehab.