What is Inpatient Drug & Alcohol Rehab?

Inpatient drug and alcohol treatment at Beachway is an individualized and holistic approach to addressing substance abuse and addiction. Our luxury amenities and campus provide a focused, supportive environment that is free of distractions. Rehab at our inpatient facility takes away the temptations, stresses, and complexities that can lead to using drugs or alcohol and replaces triggers with therapy and positive outlets.

During our patients’ time with inpatient treatment, they learn to live again—to live a clean, free, and fulfilling life. Our expert clinicians and experienced staff guide your loved one through a proven DBT-based rehab program with mindfulness as the core.

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How Does Inpatient Treatment Work?

Inpatient rehab provides an optimal drug and alcohol recovery environment so our patients can focus completely on getting better. Our experienced staff works through the initial acute detox stage with medical professionals on call 24/7 and getting the tools and support our patients need. It includes developing an individualized therapy plan and matching each patient with a therapist that advocates for them. Therapists and the patients will also determine how long the patient will remain in the inpatient program.

After the detox stage, patients in the inpatient will remain on campus and work with our therapists and clinicians to monitor their recovery process. Inpatient programs can eliminate the common distractions or triggers that could lead to relapse. Our holistic therapies and 24/7 support create a positive environment for our patients, helping decrease the chance for relapse.

Inpatient treatment is a commitment—but the comprehensive program helps patients who find it difficult to stay sober without 24/7 support.

inpatient substance abuse treatment for alcohol and drug addiction
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Support for Long-Term Recovery

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We offer step-down programs such as PHP, Intensive Outpatient and Outpatient care with Sober living. These are all parts of Long-Term Care. This is not something that everyone is available to participate in due to other commitments. Still, it can be very beneficial for people to avail themselves of these services when possible.

Long-term recovery includes transitioning back home and developing an individualized long-term recovery plan that addresses returning to the community. After-care services provide the support patients need to continue their success.

  • Support groups
  • Group therapy at Beachway
  • Access to 12-step programs
  • Behavioral therapy
  • Coping tools to manage daily life
  • Check-ins with Beachway staff

Raising Standards for Rehabilitation

Obtained licensure having met the highest quality standards of care set by AHCA; a license only a handful of facilities hold in Palm Beach County.

beachway is A rated with bbb    best rehab in florida with joint commission accreditation    best rehab center on consumer affairs          beachway is a member of the national association of addiction treatment providers


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