What is Inpatient Treatment?

Inpatient treatment, or residential treatment, refers to a type of treatment or a level of care.  A patient will live onsite at a facility while receiving treatment services.  In a mental health or addiction treatment context, they will be under 24-hour supervision in a supportive environment.

Inpatient treatment typically lasts days or weeks at a time.

During this recovery phase, patients may receive; group and individual counseling, withdrawal management treatment (Detox), and clinical support.

Beachway’s Residential Treatment Program

Beachway Therapy Center offers inpatient medical detox and residential treatment at our Florida facility.  Beachway’s holistic approach to residential treatment addresses addiction and mental health issues. Our luxury amenities and campus provide a focused, supportive environment that is free of distractions. By experiencing treatment at our inpatient facility, patients can avoid the temptations, stresses, and complexities that can lead to relapse.  During patients’ time in our inpatient program, they can learn new tools and solutions to address and heal the issues in their lives.

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How Does Inpatient Treatment Work?

Residential treatment provides an optimal recovery environment so our patients can focus completely on getting better. After working through the initial acute detox stage, patients can now begin to participate more actively in clinical services. Each patient will be assigned a primary therapist who will work with them to develop a customized treatment plan. Their therapist will use each patients’ unique history to determine a treatment plan that works for them.  With housing and food provided throughout the day, patients are free to focus on their recovery with the full support of a clinical team when they need it.  This is an intense and shorter phase of recovery, lasting anywhere from a week to a month.

Our holistic therapies and 24/7 support create a positive environment for our patients, helping decrease the chance for relapse.

Inpatient treatment is a commitment—but the comprehensive program helps patients who find it difficult to stay sober without 24/7 support.

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Cost and Length of Stay

When considering an inpatient treatment center, the choices can be overwhelming. The cost of treatment and the time one can devote to treatment are the biggest factors for most people.

The cost of treatment is determined by the level of care and length of time in each level of care.  Because of the costs associated with 24-hour care, this will cost more money than lower levels of care, like outpatient.  At Beachway, detox is the highest level of care offered and will be the most expensive due to the medical care required.

Each patient’s unique use history and biological background will determine the length of stay for each level of care.

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Raising Standards for Rehabilitation

Obtained licensure having met the highest quality standards of care set by AHCA; a license only a handful of facilities hold in Palm Beach County.

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