Prescription pharmaceuticals, as the name implies, are medical grade substances that are legally prescribed to people in order to help them. Prescription drugs can perform a variety of helpful tasks, from reducing pain, keeping blood pressure under control, or even helping to prevent unprovoked, chronic depression. But sometimes that very usefulness that these drugs present can become first a crutch, and then a dangerous necessity. Benzodiazepines, for example, are a drug that people can become addicted to, which is why professional addiction treatment for benzos is available.

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Reduced Suffering, Increased Dependency

Benzodiazepines, or “benzos” as they are called, are what the American government refers to as Schedule IV drugs. This means that the government recognizes the useful medical properties these drugs have, and the comparatively low addiction risk they present compared to other drugs. However, Schedule IV drugs are powerful enough to require a prescription from a doctor to be acquired and used, unlike acetaminophen in Tylenol, or ibuprofen in Advil, which can be bought in stores by anyone.

Benzos are most effective as anti-anxiety medication, with Xanax being a well-known product. While some doctors prescribe benzos straight away, due to the psychoactive nature of the drug, other doctors feel more comfortable with a psychological evaluation first, before a decision is made about administering it.

However, despite the comparatively low rate of physical addiction, an unfortunate case can be made for its psychologically addictive properties. Because it takes away anxiety and makes people feel good and at peace, some develop a dependence on this sense of artificial well-being that requires rehab for benzodiazepine addiction.

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Supervised Treatment

Benzodiazepines addiction treatment programs

A professional drug rehabilitation program presents the best chance for success if you or someone close to you needs to regain control from benzo addiction. One important aspect of early treatment is the safe negotiation of the withdrawal period. While physical addiction to benzos is low, it is inevitable for some physical dependency to occur over a long enough timeline of usage.

The physical effects of withdrawal from benzos range from nausea, vomiting or even an upsurge of the anxiety and other negative feelings the benzos formerly suppressed. Impaired thinking may even occur during this period, so close monitoring to ensure physical health and safety can be important at this early stage.

Focused Recovery

A benzo rehab center in Florida is the ideal place to begin a proper recovery from addiction and build up the mindset and skills that will allow a person to return to their lives substance free. Careful attention is paid to aligning a recovering addict with the best type of therapy for him or her. Whether that is faith-based, music therapy, or in more complex cases, a dual diagnosis, treating both addiction and a more fundamental condition, such as chronic depression, which may have led to the benzo dependency in the first place is crucial.

With this kind of attentive, individualized treatment, a recovering addict can eventually leave the intensive recovery phase, and return to a normal life. Aftercare support, if required, can periodically reinforce the lessons learned with support groups or other forms of post-treatment therapy to help maintain a commitment to a drug-free life.

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